Hair Cuts:

  • Any Style Women's Cut
  • Razor Cut
  • Dry Cutting
  • Mens Business Professional
  • Fades
  • Extreme and Exotic Cuts

Hair Color:

  • Single Process Color
  • Highlighting and Lowlighting
  • Multicolor and Creative Color
  • Grey Coverage
  • Corrective Color


  • Blowdry and Style
  • Style with Curling Iron or Flat Iron
  • Special Event Styling
  • Glue-In and Individually Bonded Extentions

Other Services:

  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Facial Waxing

Stylist Bio

Audrey (Dwyer) Traum started her professional career in the beauty industry in 2001. Since then she has come to work on Chestnut St. in Philadelphia, PA as well as in Harvard Sq in Boston, MA and on South St. Philadelphia. She not only works in the salon making her clients feeling and looking spectacular, she also is involved in producing and doing hair for photo shoots.

In the salon, Audrey is challenged daily to help people acquire the style they want. Wether it be a conservative yet modern bob or an outrageous blue and black mohawk, she can do it all. She enjoys building long lasting relationships and knowing that she is making a difference in her clients lives.

Audrey's range in styling is also shown in her photo shoots. She likes to work with different teams as to create art that is unique and fashion forward. She has worked with models as young as 13 and as old as 75; working on locations ranging from a local diner's bathroom to the off ramp of I-95. She is constantly inspired and is always thinking of new ideas for shoots.